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Penny and Leonard finally have their big “bang”

August 10, 2009

The Big Bang Theory will finally make a go of a Leonard and Penny relationship this fall, but things get off to a rough start. “After two years of foreplay, they finally [have sex] and it doesn’t go so great,” reveals exec producer Bill Prady. “There was so much anticipation that when they finally make […]

More GO! videos

August 10, 2009

GO! premiered at 6.30 last night on D99 and D88 (regionals). Here are some more videos of presentation of the Nine Network’s new youth channel. Knowfirst loved The Big Bang Theory marathon and enjoyed Aliens In America as well.

Ready? Set? GO! from 6.30pm

August 9, 2009

The Nine Network’s new supplementary service, GO! officially kicks off its soft launch at 6.30pm tonight. The first program to be screened is the likeable Wipeout. Knowfirst is hanging out until 7.30pm when there will be four episodes of The Big Bang Theory back-t0-back. GO! will screen 24 hours a day with music videos from […]

All systems GO! for new channel

July 25, 2009

Nine’s new digital channel GO! will premiere 7am, August 9, on Channels 99 metro, 80 (WIN) and 88 (NBN). The Kids WB will feature prominently on the first day, with four episodes back-to-back of Knowfirst favourite The Big Bang Theory commencing at 7.30pm. Sundays will feature comedy, Mondays will focus on reality, Tuesdays will be […]