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Rees to call leadership spill today?

August 10, 2009

Rumours are growing around Macquarie Street in Sydney that Premier Nathan Rees will call a leadership spill of the NSW Caucus this morning. It is believed Health Minister John Della Bosca and former Planning Minister Frank Sartor will both challenge Mr. Rees for the top job. ALP types like me are furious that these clowns […]

Turbull’s dissatisfaction soars as Adult Playschool returns from Winter break

August 10, 2009

Adult Playschool, jokingly referred to as Federal Parliament by those with no brains, returns this week after a six week hiatus. ABC’s ratings will soar with the one-hour question time from 2pm Tuesday to Friday… or maybe that’s just in my house. Thankfully A-PAC has arrived, and now political junkies like me can watch it […]