Microsoft: IE8 is da bomb!

IE8Microsoft is touting freshly-launched Internet Explorer 8 (IE Eight) as its champion in the competitive Web browser arena, urging holdouts to upgrade from earlier versions of the software.

IE 8 has been catching on since its release five months ago, but Microsoft is hoping to leave behind aging IE 6 as well as much-maligned Vista after Windows 7 operating system launches in October.

Despite being released nine years ago, IE 6 still claims 27.2 per cent of the browser market, according to figures released in July by Net Applications.

“The reason to still be on IE 6 at this point is lack of awareness, or the ‘good-enough’ problem that people are satisfied with what they are using,” said Amy Barzdukas, general manager of IE and consumer security at Microsoft.

“Particularly in this economy, it is difficult to be cavalier and just say update to IE 8.”



One Response to “Microsoft: IE8 is da bomb!”

  1. Lots of popular websites have announced their retirement for supporting IE 6, so if you want to keep watching videos on YouTube or sharing links on Digg then you should probably download IE 8 –

    If those reasons are not convincing enough, here’s a list of the numerous features that come with Internet Explorer 8 that make your web browsing faster, easier, and more secure –

    – Jake

    MSFT Internet Explorer Outreach Team

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