Wilson quits VEGA 95.3 breakfast

Rebecca WilsonRebecca Wilson, part of VEGA 95.3’s breakfast trio, is leaving the network after five years.

The News Limited journalist has been an integral part of the fledgling station’s lineup and has helped improve the audience share with adult fun and great music from the 70s, 80s and now. The Rock Legends format fits the 40-54 core demographic perfectly, and Wilson will be missed by the audience and her colleagues. She will continue to appear alongside her brother Jim on the Seven Network’s top-rating Sunrise.

“I want to wake up at a normal time and not spend the rest of the day jet lagged. I have never really adjusted that well to early starts,” says Rebecca. “My two boys who are 15 and 17 are at a great age and I want to hang out more with them. I want to be able to give them breakfast and drive them to early sports training after a couple of years of leaving them to it,” she says.

“The past five years at vega have flown and I have enjoyed so much of it, particularly working alongside Tony Squires and Mikey Robins. Leaving here was a tough decision but I want to cherish the next few years before my boys grow up and leave home.”

“I have one doing his HSC so it has been tough on him studying late at night without having a mum to make hot chocolate. I want to give both of them some normal time with their mother before they become adults and don’t want to know about me anymore,” says Rebecca.

“I have enjoyed it beyond words. Radio is so intimate and warm and immediate,” she said. “I love it – radio gives you the ability to be yourself and to relate instantly to listeners. The great thing, too, is that I have been able to work with my mates – a rare treat. They are my lunch buddies as well, though, so I will get my weekly fix of them.”

Wilson’s last day on the job will be October 31.


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