Turbull’s dissatisfaction soars as Adult Playschool returns from Winter break

Malcolm TurnbullAdult Playschool, jokingly referred to as Federal Parliament by those with no brains, returns this week after a six week hiatus.

ABC’s ratings will soar with the one-hour question time from 2pm Tuesday to Friday… or maybe that’s just in my house.

Thankfully A-PAC has arrived, and now political junkies like me can watch it around the clock. Oh the joy!

It’s not looking like a good week for Malcolm Turnbull though. It’s almost time for the Liberal Party to take him out the back and shoot him. Dr. Brendan Nelson’s remains are in Tuggeranong somewhere I’ve been told, along with Dr. John Hewson, Alexander Downer and the ghost of Peter Costello.

To me, as a member of the ALP, it seems Mr. Turnbull cannot do anything right. The backstabbing bastards in his own party are willing him to fail, the populace see him as a gullible fool, but to me he just seems to be a person who craves being wanted.

Dissatisfaction with the way Mr. Turnbull is doing his job as opposition leader has risen significantly in the wake of him conceding he was fooled by a fake document at the centre of the OzCar scandal.

The latest Newspoll, published in The Australian on Monday, shows the dissatisfaction rating for Mr Turnbull rose by seven points to 57.

A week after Treasury official Godwin Grech admitted he had faked an email which Mr Turnbull used as evidence to call for Kevin Rudd’s resignation, the opposition leader’s satisfaction rating fell to just 26 per cent.


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