Rees to call leadership spill today?

Nathan ReesRumours are growing around Macquarie Street in Sydney that Premier Nathan Rees will call a leadership spill of the NSW Caucus this morning.

It is believed Health Minister John Della Bosca and former Planning Minister Frank Sartor will both challenge Mr. Rees for the top job.

ALP types like me are furious that these clowns continue to ruin themselves, but moreso NSW, who deserve so much better.

It’s a pity Barry O’Farrell and the NSW Liberals are not that much better, if at all.


One Response to “Rees to call leadership spill today?”

  1. I dont care who leads Labor anymore, I have always been a staunch Labor supporter, but alas, next election I will be voting for an independent, but I disagree with you about the Libs, they have to be better than the current mob, nothing could be worse than them, doesnt matter which puppet they put in as Premier, he will still only be a puppet and doing the bidding of the right wing controlled head office, dont listen to the people listen to the office…………..

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