Penny and Leonard finally have their big “bang”

The Big Bang TheoryThe Big Bang Theory will finally make a go of a Leonard and Penny relationship this fall, but things get off to a rough start.

“After two years of foreplay, they finally [have sex] and it doesn’t go so great,” reveals exec producer Bill Prady.

“There was so much anticipation that when they finally make it all the way, they have trouble finding their groove.”

They won’t be the only ones going through an awkward adjustment period.

“Sheldon does not like waking up and finding Penny in their apartment, which happens in the second or third episode,” says Prady. “And he’s not happy when she makes French toast on oatmeal day.

“But Sheldon believes this is a temporary anomaly,” Prady adds. “He thinks [the romance] will come to an end and everything will be back the way it is.”



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