Ready? Set? GO! from 6.30pm

GO! 3The Nine Network’s new supplementary service, GO! officially kicks off its soft launch at 6.30pm tonight.

The first program to be screened is the likeable Wipeout.

Knowfirst is hanging out until 7.30pm when there will be four episodes of The Big Bang Theory back-t0-back.

GO! will screen 24 hours a day with music videos from ARIA running overnight.

Programs that were unsuccessful on Nine, including Moonlight, Fringe, Survivor and Gossip Girl, will all be played on GO!

Metropolitan areas will receive GO! on D99, regional areas on WIN/NBN on D88.

Ratings for the channel, which will be added to Nine’s shares, will commence in a fortnight.


3 Responses to “Ready? Set? GO! from 6.30pm”

  1. Any news on when Foxtel is picking it up??

  2. Very Disappointment, no subtitles/closed captions…. :o(

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