Kyle and Jackie: let us have our say

Kyle Sandilands and Jackie OSydney’s top-rating breakfast FM announcers, Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O, are furious that Austereo have gagged them from talking about the controversy that has plagued them for the past two weeks.

Sandilands has faced a media onslaught since a 15-year-old girl, coaxed by her mother live to air, revealed that she was raped when she was 12.

That’s despite Sandilands broadcasting remote from New Zealand and having no control over the panel.

Sandilands has been axed from Network Ten’s Australian Idol, which returns tonight, and is angry at how he has been treated by his employers.

News Limited reports that Sandilands was due to tell his side of the story on tonight’s 60 Minutes on Nine, to sabotage the return of Idol.

“It was a very tempting offer,” said a source close to Sandilands.

“They’ve been told they can’t say anything,” a source said. “It’s really disappointing because they want to have their say, but Austereo made it clear they can’t talk. Austereo is really dragging its heels, but it wants to do this review properly, I guess.”


One Response to “Kyle and Jackie: let us have our say”

  1. I am a South African who has been here 8 months. Kyle, Jackie I agree that you have been hung out to dry by a super critical audience for no apparent reason. Take it from a neutral source, I dont get it??? Why the hell is the mother not being nailed like the mother of 16 in America as what she did was far worse, bringing her daughter to a set where she expected her to talk about her rape when the mother knew all about it, but still wanted to ask who else her daughter was sleeping with.. on national radio,,,hello!!!!1. Why are your audience not prepared to give you guys a break? they certainly remained tuned in until the Sh%&t hit the fan then they seem to have jumped ship… Come on Aussies, what is that about dudes even us Safricans dont do that?? You are enjoyable radio presenters providing great entertainment daily and what replaces you…. come on, really dudes.. he who has no sin let him throw the first stone

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