Saudi man arrested after TV sex boast

Saudi Arabia FlagA Saudi man has been arrested for boasting about his sex life on television, the English-language daily Arab News reported on Thursday.

Jeddah resident Mazen Abdul Jawad was arrested after he appeared last week on Red Line, a program on Lebanon-based LBC television which is also popular in Saudi Arabia, the newspaper said.

On the program Jawad said he first had sex with a neighbour when he was 14, and he also described in detail some of his later adventures.

He explained how he uses the Bluetooth function on his cellphone to try to pick up Saudi women, who are forbidden to mix with or reveal their faces to men who are not related to them. He also gave a recipe for an aphrodisiac.

The segment sparked about 100 complaints to local justice officials, leading to his arrest, the paper said.

Jawad could face charges under Saudi Arabia’s strict Islamic sharia law of speaking openly about vice and admitting he engaged in pre-marital sex, it said, adding that if convicted he could be jailed and flogged.

Source: AFP


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