Mummery leaves MIX to join Seven’s Telethon

Steve MummerySeven Perth announced this week that it had appointed Steve Mummery to the position of general manager of Telethon. Mummery makes the move to radio after looking after Perth Austereo station Mix 94.5. The station has been #1 for the last 77 ratings surveys.

During his time at the radio station Mummery instigated a number of fund raising activities that raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for Telethon and a number of other charities. He is on the board of the Breast Cancer Foundation and is also an accomplished businessman in his own right, owning and operating a successful franchise business in Perth with his partner.

Ray Wardrop, general manager of Seven Perth said, “Radio stations by nature are very promotionally orientated and need to constantly reinvent themselves to stay successful and Steve is demonstrably the best in the business at this. Telethon is an organisation that also needs to constantly evolve, both in its fundraising events and the annual 24 hour telecast and we see Steve as the best person for this role.”

Perth Austereo general manager Linda Wayman announced the departure of Mummery to staff on Tuesday this week, noting that he leaves the company after 16 successful years:

“Steve started at FOX in Melbourne in September 1993 and after a year moved to Canberra to oversee Austereo’s two co-owned stations. When Austereo bought the stations in Perth in 1997 Steve was sent to Perth as PD for 92.9 (then PMFM). Steve’s brilliance as a Program Director and then a Content Director is evident in his track record in his past 12 years in Perth.

Within 18 months he had got PMFM to its highest ever rating of 21.7%. After knocking that into shape, he moved ‘ upstairs’ to take over MIX which was, at the time, languishing in PMFM’s wake. Within a single survey period, Steve got MIX to number one and then ensured that MIX became the dominant station in the Perth market, a position it has held for 77 consecutive surveys, or nine and half years.”


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