JB Hi-Fi’s $15 plasma TV too good to be true

JB Hi FiA 40-inch Samsung television set with a price tag of $15 sounds too good to be true, but that didn’t stop the legions of bargain hunters who rushed to take advantage of an unbelievable deal on the JB Hi-Fi website overnight.

The retailer had offered a Samsung high-definition 40-inch LED TV, which comes with a bonus 22-inch LCD TV via redemption, for $15 late last night and early this morning.

But earlier today the price was changed to $2963. JB Hi-Fi’s marketing manager, Scott Browning, said the $15 price had been advertised in error and it was unlikely the price would be honoured.

It is likely that, whoever was in charge of updating the website with new deals overnight, accidentally entered in the wrong price tag. They may have become confused as JB Hi-Fi is separately running a promotion offering 15 per cent off selected LCD and plasma TV sets.

One member of the Australian online music forum Mess + Noise reported ordering one of the TV sets from JB Hi-Fi and receiving an email receipt for $15 plus $40.32 freight. They said their credit card was charged and they hoped the order would be fulfilled.

“A reasonable person wouldn’t say they’re entitled to the product,” Browning said.

“It’s our policy to err on the side of generosity but $2500 to $3000 is a little bit too generous.”



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