Geelong may lose digital radio signals from Melbourne

K-ROCK GeelongACMA is considering blocking Melbourne’s digital radio stations from reaching Geelong after complaints from local broadcasters.

Grant Broadcasters*, owner and operator of K-Rock and Bay FM, has called on the authority to jam the Melbourne signals.

Grant Cameron wrote in his submission to ACMA, that:

“A key difference, then, to analog radio, is that if any significant fortuitous coverage is allowed, there will not be a competing local digital radio offering for years,” Mr Cameron said in his submission.

“In our opinion, years of head start by metro radio will be unassailable as it is a powerful product even when there is direct competition.”


2 Responses to “Geelong may lose digital radio signals from Melbourne”

  1. * as a former employee of Grant Broadcasters, I believe they should not be scared of competition. Melbourne signals are clearly heard in Geelong and have been forever, why should digital change?

  2. Agreed. The only plausible explanation to K-Rock’s objection is to create an airwave monopoly situation in Geelong that did not exist pre-digital and further it’s own ends.

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