Adelaide’s Ten breaches code on Californication

Ten NetworkThe Australian Communications and Media Authority has found that Network Ten Adelaide Pty Limited (Ten), the licensee of commercial television service ADS, breached the consumer advice provisions of the Commercial Television Industry Code of Practice (the code) in relation to broadcasts of the program Californication.

The ACMA found that the licensee did not provide correct consumer advice for episode 8 of Californication (broadcast on 23 November 2008) and failed to provide any consumer advice for episode 10 of Californication (broadcast on 7 December 2008). Both episodes of Californication were broadcast at 10:40pm.

‘Relevant consumer advice is vital in assisting viewers to make an informed choice about the programs they and their families watch’, said Chris Chapman, Chairman of the ACMA. ‘It is important that licensees provide accurate consumer advice, particularly for programs classified MA which are considered suitable for viewing only by persons aged 15 years or over.’

In response to the breach findings, Ten has implemented additional consumer advice training for all relevant staff and implemented system improvements to address compliance with the code going forward.

The ACMA would consider stronger remedial action should a further breach of this nature occur within a Network Ten licensee.


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