ABC responds to “offensive” Chaser skit on guide dogs

ABC (AU)ABC Executive Head of Content Creation, Courtney Gibson, issued a statement late this afternoon defending The Chaser after a skit on Guide Dogs (story) attracted criticism, saying:

“Contrary to the statement released by Guide Dogs QLD, the guide dog used in a sketch on The Chaser’s War on Everything this week was not degraded, nor was there ever any potential for it to be harmed.

“All usual animal safety protocols were adhered to at all times during the filming of the segment and it was shot in a responsible and appropriate manner.

The name of the made-up service ‘Guide Dogs for the Blind and Munted’ is itself a play on the colloquial expression ‘blind’, as in ‘blind drunk’. The Chaser is a comedy program and we don’t believe any of our viewers actually imagine Guide Dogs could or should be mis-used; the idea that one could stop drunks texting ex-girlfriends or buying ropey kebabs is clearly a joke.”


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